About Hideez

Hideez Group is an award-winning high-tech start-up in cyber security. For historical 12 years, Hideez engaged in solving complex predicaments for enterprise clients before setting up a company in 2015.

The idea for the Hideez Key came to Oleg Naumenko, founder and CEO, after a cyber-attack on his bank account. He had his bank account identity stolen and £ 1000 from his account withdrawn. Oleg realized that there is a gap in Cybersecurity even in the “safest” platforms that needed to be filled. Hideez’s first product was the Hideez Key – the only digital key for wireless authentication, password management and RFID locks.

Hideez Development LLC is based in Ukraine , founded by tech entrepreneur Oleg Naumenko in 2017. Its main objective is to develop an individual security system – a wearable device that will be a unique combination of hardware and software solutions for personal data and digital identity protection.


Hideez belief is that to be effective, endpoint cyber security should be reliable and convenient. That is why its product – Hideez Key – is a clever combination of a password manager, physical authenticator, and access token with Bluetooth and RFID capabilities.

Hideez Key is a Solution for securing User’s physical and digital identity. It is the next-generation device and server application with enhanced usability, larger storage for 1000 passwords, RFID static 125 chip and programmed NFC on top of stylish wearable design. Hideez is currently working on user experience and industrial design  in order to support multiple wearable forms. Hideez Key III eliminates human factor in maintaining cyber security compliance within existing infrastructure, increasing employee productivity, and reduce operations cost. Hideez Key III targets enterprise segment with Hideez server solution to control and protect digital and physical identity of enterprise users. It is a must-have in hazardous and restricted areas for physical access, time-tracking, and password management, in the following business domains: Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics, Law, and Finance.